Spice Uses

Spices are very important as food and as medicine. They bring out the unique natural taste of cuisines and could be use to change the look of food to make it more attractive in colour. Some of them grow in the wild and are very good source of food preservative especially for industrially processed foods. As medicine or food, the importance of spices cannot be overemphasized.
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Spices in food

Spices bring out the natural taste of cuisines. They are so important in ancient times and today we cannot do without them. They come in different flavours and aroma. They are simply food enhancers use to give cuisines that strong taste and smell. Some spices are boil in water to make tea.

Curry is the most popular product made from a combination of several spices. Curry is use to season dairy and poultry products. Main ingredients of curry include ginger, turmeric, fennel, cumin, fenugreek, coriander and nutmeg. It provides flavour for meat, fish, vegetable and soup.

Species as Medicine

All the medical importance of species are not yet known. Nevertheless, we know certainty that species can be use in the treatment of various ailments like cancer, fever, malaria, stomach offset, nausea and many more. Nutmeg for example is use to treat nausea and digestive disorders. The medicinal values of spices in both dental and skin care are well established.
Let us take some examples, coriander is use to treat acne and other skin related conditions. Fennel is use in the treatment of glaucoma and other eye problems. Fennel boosts the supply of breast milk.

Talking about ancient medicine, before the advent of modern day medicine, spices have long been use to cure various ailments. For instance, spices such as oregano help in fighting against insulin resistance. Turmeric and Clove are also helpful in reducing blood sugar.

Industrial uses of species

Species are also use as natural food preservatives. Cinnamon can easily replace industrial preservatives, which are dangerous to the human health. Pharmaceutically they have been use to flavour medicines. Clove is process to produce Clove oil, which is very useful industrially for medicine.

The world’s most adored spices, saffron, goes to strengthen the point that spices were as important to the ancient times as Crude oil is to our present day.

Side Effect of Species

Spices are supposed to be use with care. Large consumption of any spice is dangerous to the human system. Side effect of consuming large quantity of any spice could range from panic to convulsion. They can also cause severe hallucination. Consumption of large quantity of pepper for example, over a long period, could cause stomach cancer. A single meal that contains much quantity of pepper can injures the wall of the human stomach.

To be on a safer side, spices should not be use for medicine without the proper guidance and recommendation from a qualified person. Alternatively, if one must consume spices for any medical reason, as the saying goes: ‘’virtue lies in the middle.’’ Take small quantity at a time.