Cardamom is an aromatic seed gotten from a ginger-like plant, which is native to Southern India. Cardamom seeds can be chew as a tooth cleaner. In the ancient days, it was use as a perfume. However, India is the largest producer of Cardamom, however, the main exporter of is Guatemala.

Cardamom is use in meals and drinks especially in places like India. It has so far found application in Scandinavian cakes, biscuits and pastries. This spice is also an ingredient in curry, some Russian liqueurs and tea. It is also use to flavour meat, poultry products and fish. In addition, it gives custard a unique taste.

Indians enjoy making black tea with cardamom. They boil the leaves in milk for some minutes and then serve with sugar. This tea is very popular and is a popular menu item in restaurant across India.

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world. It has numerous uses in meals especially in places Arab countries. Its usefulness also comes in handy in the preparation of coffee. As part of the Arab hospitality, grinded Cardamom seed and Coffee beans are boiled and mix together with sugar. This mixture is use for the entertainment of guests. Also in Ethiopia, Cardamom is use to make what is known as ”coffee ceremony.” First, the coffee beans are toasted with Cardamom. Thereafter both the toasted cardamom and coffee beans is crutch to powder, flavour and served as required.

Cardamom is a superb stimulant and carminative. Ancient Arabian uses it to cure obesity.

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