Cinnamon is the bark of the cinnamon tree. It can be use in its powder or tubular form. Cinnamon sweet and warm taste makes it a good spice. It is for long being use both as a spice and as medicine. There are two varieties of cinnamon, the Ceylon and the Chinese. The Cinnamon from Ceylon is however a cook’s favourite variety because it is sweeter.
Cinnamon is a very important food spice. It is use in chocolate, apple pie, cinnamon buns, desserts, donuts and candies. It is also use to flavour hot cocoa, liqueurs and tea. It also comes in handy in flavouring cereals, sweet dishes and many more.

Cinnamon is rich in vitamins and minerals. Cinnamon has three unique oils, which are very essential to medicine. They are the Cinnamyl acetate, Cinnamyle alcohol and Cinnamaldehyde. The Cinnamaldehyde oil has a good effect on blood platelets. It simply prevents unnecessary blood clotting which may result to more bleeding.

Cinnamon oils are superb anti-microbial. They are effective in preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria and yeast. In fact, Cinnamon essential oils can take the place of traditional food preservative. If added to food as preservative, cinnamon oil does not just act like good preservative, but also help in bringing out the natural taste of food.

Cinnamon is so valuable in medicine that it can reduce the rate at which the stomach empties after meals, thus reducing the rise in blood sugar immediately after meal. This is very important to people with type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon also improves insulin activities. It reduces cholesterol level; provide relief for diarrhoea or constipation.

In addition, research has shown that inhaling the sweet smell of this spice can boost the brain function. Ancient Chinese found Cinnamon useful in the treatment of other mild problems such as cold or flu.

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