Clove is a dry, pungent and aromatic floral bud. When dry, it turns into a rust-brown colour. Cloves have exceptional aromatic smell and are very useful to cooks around world. Cloves are use for sweet breads and stewed fruits. Clove is also use to flavour plain rice. They are use to season meats. Clove was originally a native of Indonesia and the Philippines. However, other countries like Madagascar, east Africa, Brazil and a couple of few in the Caribbean produce clove in commercial quantities.
A large percentage of clove produce worldwide is use in the kitchen. Industrially, clove is process to produce clove oil, which is very useful both as medicine and in cooking.

Medicinal value of clove is endless. Clove can be use in the treatment to treat Ingestion problems, diarrhoea, hernia, ringworm, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. This wonderful spice can treat respiratory and digestive ailments as well. Clove is aphrodisiac. It relaxes the muscles of the internal lining of the digestive tract. Clove is an antiseptic agent that destroys intestinal parasites. Industrially, it is an important ingredient in mouthwash and other tooth pain relieve concoctions. It is also an oral anaesthetic. In addition, it is antioxidant in nature: help in the treatment of cancer. And it does not only have a good effect on the digestive system, but it help to stop vomiting, and flatulence.

Medicinally, clove bud or clove oil, whichever one can be added to meals or in herbal tea to enhance the taste. The Clove bud can be cook for a while with a little quantity of water, which can be use in lieu of industrially processed clove oil. One ancient, still useful to date, method of using clove is to soak a cotton bud in clove and place it in the location of the bad teeth.

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