Coriander botanical name is Coriandrum sativum and it is of the Apiaceae family. This plant is native of Europe. Their flowers are white and grow in round tassels. Because of its unique taste and smell, it is use in cuisines. The seed of Coriander are round like small balls. The scent of Coriander seed fades away on drying to become increasingly fragrant. It is an aromatic spice and stimulant. It has a spicy aroma. And the plant, root and leaves are all important for as spice and for medicinal purpose.
This seed forms an important gradient in curry powder. Coriander can be included to make bread and to flavour alcohol liquors. It is also use in veterinary medicine to treat horses and cattle. The fresh leave is use for salad and soups.

Medicinally, it is use as a stimulant, carminative and aromatic. In addition, it is also use to disguise the taste of certain drugs. According to experiment conducted in mice, coriander can be use as an anxiolytic. Date back ancient Iran; it has been use for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. In India, a combination of the same about of cumin and coriander seeds boiled and the resulting liquid is use as a diuretic. Coriander can also be use in the treatment of acne. For the treatment of acne, the juice is dabbed on the face for some couple of hours before watching it off.

Coriander has not shown any tangible bad effect except that, in some people, it can cause mild allergic reactions.

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