Fennel is aromatic and it is use as medicinal as well as spice due to its distinct flavour and healing power. It is native to the Mediterranean. The leaves are edible, whether cooked or raw, and the seeds are mostly use as spice.
In France and many other countries, it has come in handy in the making of popular alcoholic drinks. The seeds are mostly use as spice. The bulb can be stewed or braised and even eaten raw.

Fennel grows in abundant in the United States of American Australia, Asia and Canada. In the United States of America and Australia, farmers regard Fennel as weed. In Switzerland, it was use as medicinal elixir. Fennel is use as flavour in natural herbal toothpastes.

Fennel is use worldwide in cookery especially in the Middle East and the subcontinent of India. The fronds and bulbs come in handy in pastas, salads and other dishes. Countries like Greece, Europe and Italy apply Fennel in meatballs, bread and sausages. In Germany, Fennel leaves are use to make salads. It is very delicious in fish, egg and avocado.

Medically, Fennel is a phytoestrogen and has carminative properties. It is also one of the essential ingredients of Gripe Water, which is very important which helps infants to stop flatulence, colic and digestive disorders. Fennel helps to boost the supply of breast milk in infants.

Ophthalmologists have long recognized the usefulness of Fennel in the treatment of eye related problems such as glaucoma, soreness and many more. Other medical uses include the treatment of hypertension.

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