Gingerroot is the rhizome of the plant zingiber officinale. It is a perennial plant and it is a very useful spice. It has a distinct odour and peppery flavour. Ginger is not just as spice to flavour food, but also for its medicinal value. It is cultivated in the Caribbean, West Africa, Asia and a host of other countries.
Ginger is use as food spice in curry. This tuber is also use to make peppery juices. In Japan, gari, which is a pickled ginger, is served alongside with Sushi a special Japanese cuisine. It comes in handy in making ginger tea. Use as a spice to flavour seafood, fish, poultry and goat meat. It can also come in handy as food preservative. It is use to be candy as well. Ginger is also use to make ginger beer, crackers, gingerbread, cookies, ginger ale, and cake. In fact, it is an important food beverage around the world.

According to medical research, ginger can kill ovarian cancer cells. Since ancient times ginger has been use as a stimulant and carminative. It decreases the risk of heart problems and act as a painkiller. Ginger can be use in sialagogou action: make swallowing easier by stimulating the production of saliva. Another set of medicinal value is in the treatment of diarrhoea and nausea.

Ginger rarely gives any side effect when consume in the right quantity. It would be a wise thing to consult a doctor if you have had any history of gallstones. As for safety, it is important to add, ginger interacts with certain types of drugs such as.

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