Botanical name of nutmeg is Myristica Fragrans. Nutmeg is the kernel of an apricot-like fruit. It is purple when fresh and changes to amber when dry. Nutmeg is from the nutmeg fruit. Nutmeg tree is a native to Banda, an Indonesian Island. Nutmeg has a sweet taste and a sweet flavour.
It is an ingredient in mulled wine, and mulled cider. The delicious Nutmeg juice is one good example of how important the spice is. In fact, Nutmeg is an important ingredient in European, Middle Eastern and Penang cuisines. In Europe, it is use in flavouring potato dishes, soups, meat, and string beans. Some varieties of curry powder contain nutmeg.

Tasty and refreshing Bushwhacker and Barbados rum punch amongst many other Caribbean drinks contain Nutmeg as an ingredient. Nutmeg is good for the digestive and nervous system. It is also apply in toothpaste and cough syrups. The natural flavour is use in sweets, beverages and in a host of others like baked goods. Pharmaceutical and perfumery industries rely on the nutmeg oil. Nutmeg butter can conveniently replace cocoa butter and can be use as an industrial lubricant.

Large quantity of nutmeg can cause severe nausea, palpitations, general body weakness and ultimately convulsion. Virtue lies in the middle when consuming nutmeg because cases have been report of strong hallucination and feeling of anxiety when heavily consumed. Other side effects of too much Nutmeg are panic, dizziness, dry mouth, and flushes. It can also induce accelerated heartbeat, difficulty in urination and other unwanted side effects.

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