There are different types of pepper that are use as spice as well as for seasoning from Iceland right down to Australia. Many of these varieties of pepper differ in shapes, hotness, sizes and colour. Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil are the first, second and third largest producers of pepper respectively.
The hotness of pepper is measure from a yardstick, the Scoville Heat Index. At the top of the Scoville Heat Index Scale are Scotch Bonnet and Habamero pepper. It is a very important spice use to season meat, fish and poultry product. Worldwide Pepper adds hotness to cuisines. The unique taste of barbecue and peppered chicken.

Pepper also help to fight germs and induces the smooth flow of digestive juices. Pepper help to fight against diabetes, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Types of pepper are the Serrano pepper, the Thai jalapeno (also known as the pick chi A or Thai bird Chile, bird pepper or Thai Chile), Bonnet Chile, Scotch Bonnet Chile, Rocotillo, Problano pepper or Ancho Chile, Pasilla, New Mexico, Mirasol Pepper, Jalapeno pepper and Habanero Pepper. Others are Fresno Pepper, Chipotal or Dried Jalapeno pepper, cherry pepper (also known as Hungarian Cherry pepper, bird cherry pepper, creole cherry pepper). The rest are Cascabel, Banana pepper, and Anaheim Chiles (California green pepper, Chile Verde, Chile Colorado, red Chile).

Researchers suspect that high consumption of pepper over a long period could make one susceptible to stomach cancers. Scientists are yet to substantiate this fact. However, large consumption of pepper injures the internal lining of the stomach.

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